Products for Retail or Brand Marketers
Counter Cards
Get your message across at the point of purchase. Our attractive and uniquely shaped counter cards boast a high quality look that’s second to none. Just pass us a digital file, and we’ll get your message seen all over the world. Counter cards are available in either high gloss or satin and can be made with an easel back or bent backs.
Tent Cards
This is a Laminall exclusive. Our tent cards announce to the world that your product has class. Durable, waterproof, and shipped flat, they will have a rich look and feel that is superior to paper or plastic.
Banners / Posters
"Oversize it" and get attention! Available as wall or ceiling hangings, our highly visible banners or posters will draw attention to any sales or promotional campaign.
POP Displays
Unique graphics combined with flexible designs. Not sure what you’re looking for? Let our design team partner with you to develop a custom POP display that is as unique as your product. Displays can be developed in a variety of shapes and sizes that will enhance your graphics.
Flip Charts
Flip Charts are an effective way to organize and present products, services or information. The cards can be small enough to attach to a shelf, or large enough for a stand-alone counter top presentation.
Promotional Magnets
A useful means of keeping your message out front and in constant view. The magnets can be die cut to any shape or style.
"Take One" Displays
Entry pads or pocket can be affixed for a take one brochure. They can be made as counter top displays or posters. These items are durable and attractive and are a convenient and effective way to pass along information about your product or service. They are also a compelling way to show available options or choices.
Event Passes & Badges
Make sure everyone at your next event feels like they belong. Give them custom name badges. We will print, laminate and supply lanyards or clips that will attach to a lapel or pocket. These sturdy and long-lasting badges make popular take-home memorabilia.
Placemats / Counter Mats
Get noticed every time with durable placements or counter mats. These graphics are protected with a durable finish and have a variety of non-slip surfaced to choose from.
Menus /Coasters
We can make menus and coasters that are highly durable and last longer. We have a variety of ways to mount or laminate paper stocks so that they are easy to keep clean and they have a classy look.
Shelf Talkers
Another of our Pop displays. Dangles and shelf talkers are a neat and effective way to tell potential buyers why they should choose your product over your competitor.