Laminall's Swatch Book

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Laminall is the start of a Great Finish!
1. How long does it take?
You want it when?!?! How's yesterday? In an age of air freight, instant messaging and 10-second sound bites, you can count on us to turn your project around in a timely fashion, whether a few hours, days, or even weeks, depending on the project. Whatever you need, let us know, and we'll make sure you're covered!
2. Do you have a minimum size or maximum size?
We have no minimum or maximum size. We can do postage stamp size laminations and we can do larger-than-life billboards. We have a wide range of equipment and materials available. We have a solution that will fit your size, regardless of your need.

We offer a variety of options:
  • Thin film lamination, 1.3 mil on one or 2 sides (we can laminate sheets 11x17 up to a 42" x 59"sheet size)

  • Rigid lamination, 1.7-mil to 15-mil (we can laminate anything as small as a postage stamp up to a 55" width by any 200')

  • Mounting and die cutting—any size is available
3. Can we laminate digital prints?
We have had great success in the digital prints area. Our operators use a specially formulated lamination to bond to digital prints. Our operators are all specially trained and are experts in their field. So, if you are using a digital press it is important to let us know what equipment you are using and which stock was used so that we can assure the lamination will adhere to the sheet.
4. Do you provide mailing and fulfillment services?
Yes. We routinely ship materials to multiple locations on behalf of our customers. If you have a digital mailing list, we can sort and mail for you. The next time you have a project to deliver to your sales reps or to your retail locations, give us a call, we’ll take it from there.
5. What’s your credit policy?
Credit applications are available upon request, and our normal terms are 1% 10 days net 30 days. For orders that are placed without credit approval, 50% is due with the order, and the balance is due upon completion. Credit terms are extended only after a full credit evaluation, which may take several weeks.
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