Getting Started
Need help with your artwork? Our art department will work with you to design eye-catching displays that will make you and your advertisers proud!
Circulation List
Want us to simplify the process even more? Put us on your circulation list – send us a case a month – and then all you have to do is email an Order. The rest is left to us! We can even ship directly to your advertisers!
FTP site
Or drop a file on our FTP site, and let us take it from there. Call us, at 1-800-843-1233, for this information.
Provide Ad List
In order to minimize delays in processing your order, please prepare a list of the ads you require. When sending us ads, keep all ads face up in the order you have listed them.
Rush Charges
Jobs that must be shipped within three (3) working days may be subject to rush charges.
Unless you specifically instruct us to do otherwise, we will trim your ads as necessary using our best judgment.
About Double Spreads
Magazine double spreads often align poorly because the binding edge usually must be trimmed and a slight overlap is necessary for laminating. We will use our best judgment on these. Please advise us if you wish to see samples of spread layouts for approval.
Check for Glue
Please check all pages for glue on the binding side. Glue is hard to see and may stain the page during lamination. We cannot be responsible for imperfections resulting from this type of defect and will consider these laminations as billable.
Avoid Lamination Staining
Do not use tape or glue because these may stain the lamination.
Provide Extra Copies
Please send us extra ads in case of spoilage. For individual reprints, please send one extra of each ad. For orders of 10 or more of a single ad, please send 10% overs. If you do not provide us with extras, we will ship the order as complete even if we are unable to satisfy your quantity request.
All order are accepted by Laminall at your risk for imperfections, spots, stains, bleeding, color changes, delamination, or other defects resulting from our processes. In the event that such defects make your product unusable, Laminall's maximum liability shall not exceed our billing charge(s) for the defective product(s).
Join our swelling ranks of happy customers! You can count on us for first class, beautiful work, and timely delivery, whatever your need!
Still have questions? Call one of our friendly customer service reps, at 1-800-843-1233. They're ready to get you started today!
Order "As Seen In" Cards Today
We make counter cards for hundreds of publications throughout the you can get started too! The procedure is fast and easy. Use our online Order Form below fill in your information and click submit. If you have any questions, look to the left of the form. Your answer may be close by. If you cannot find what you're looking for, please contact us at 800-843-1233. We'll be happy to help you out.
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