1. What do I need to provide you at the beginning of a project?
For counter cards and other displays, we generally start with printed sheets of paper, and then finish them using a variety of materials. If you have existing ads, brochures or sell sheets, we can turn them into displays of any size or shape. If you have digital images or photographs, we can start from there. We'll give you a layout, proof, print, and finish the entire job for you.
2. How long does a project take?
You want it when?!?! How's yesterday sound? In an age of air freight, instant messaging and 10-second sound bites, you can count on us to turn around your project quickly, whether it's a few hours, a couple of days, or even several weeks. Each project differs in simple to complex components and finishing. Whatever you need, let us know, and we're on it!
3. How much do they cost?
Price depends on four factors:
•Turnaround time
We're committed to giving you the best bang for your buck, and we're experts at guiding you to efficient and dynamic solutions for your projects. Call our customer service representatives for pricing today.
4. Do you have a minimum or maximum quantity?
No we have no minimum or maximum quantity. We can do one or a million. And we're happy with both orders!
5. Do you have a minimum size or maximum size?
No, we have no minimum or maximum size. We can do postage stamp sizes as well as larger-than-life billboards, and utilize a wide range of equipment and materials to complete your project. We have a solution that will fit your size, regardless of your need.
6. What types of finishes are available?
Counter cards and displays can have an unlimited variety of finishes. We can even create a custom finish, or an embossed logo finish. The most popular finishes are our high gloss Star Lamination, a unique, non-reflective satin finish. We also offer a variety of matte finishes. We have laminations that looks unlaminated, and we have paper stocks that look laminated. Again, please ask us for advice!
7. What's your credit policy?
Credit applications are available upon request, and our normal terms are 1% 10 days net 30 days. For orders that are placed without credit approval, 50% is due with the order, and the balance is due upon completion. Credit terms are extended only after a full credit evaluation, which may take several weeks.
8. Do you provide mailing and fulfillment services?
Yes. We routinely ship materials to multiple locations on behalf of our customers. If you have a digital mailing list, we can sort and mail for you. Next time you have a project to deliver to your sales reps or to your retail locations, give us a call; we'll take it from there.